Hello. I’m David Matteson, Founder and CEO of Early Edge Solutions. I am in the clarity business. 

I help innovators, entrepreneurs, and visionary organizations get very clear about and how to make choices along the evolutionary path of growing their business. I help them recognize the “early edge” of an idea or plan getting off-track and assist them in identifying effective course-corrections. There is no right answer, or right way to move their idea from mind to market. The choices are theirs. 
I bring clarity, precision, and method to how they manage growth and change as their business grows.

I am passionate about helping healthy ideas move from mind to market. I believe that we are all here to express a unique gift into the world. I contend that if your gift, your idea, is going to thrive and bear fruit, it must be nourished and
grow in ways that are successful in the market place. Being successful in the market place requires building a successful business. Building a successful business requires:
  • Vision: what is the impact you desire?
  • Choices: can you make them, and would you know a good one when you see it?
  • Commitment: will you stick with it?  Can you get knocked down 7 times and get up 8?
  • Leadership: the business is built around the leader / founder
  • Discipline: can you act correctly even when it is uncomfortable?
Over the past 15 years, I have applied myself to working with entrepreneurs, innovators, and visionary...  read more>
"Working with David has completely transformed the way I think about my professional world and am a better leader for his vision, coaching, and deep caring."

Jane Guiltinan, Past President
American Association of Naturopathic Physicians